Breastfeeding beyond a year with Apple…

It feels like it has been a while since I did an update on Apple and I. She turned one a few weeks ago and it has been amazing! I love the fact she has learned to walk, she has just started to say “hi, hi, hi!”, and that she is growing into a darling little girl. Everyone has been very sympathetic to her first year birthday photo’s thinking I would be sad but reality is, I am loving it. It is different for me this time. When the boys turned a year I always sobbed that they were growing up too fast. With Apple I feel like there are going to be so many cool and fun stages I never experienced before so each age is a blessing. I daydream of her being three or four and learning to ask daddy for the credit card to shop for dresses with mommy or to go for pedicures together or to talk about girl stuff,
Ok back to the original post… Breastfeeding miss Apple.

When I found out Apple was a girl I imagined her nursing exclusively until two or three years. I thought a girl would be more attached to her mama. I never thought I would ever leave her with a sitter. I never thought I would buy pants for her. I never thought I would give my princess store bought food or formula. I never thought I would use throw away diapers. Well, what’s that old saying? Never say never!

Life has been busy. A lot of people don’t know but I work. I work for my husbands company doing design for the restaurant and I am the Creative Director. Life has been busy and different with this baby girl. With the boys I owned baby/maternity stores so I just took them to work. I never had a reason to give them bottles much because they didn’t have sitters at a young age. I breastfed exclusively until we both decided to part ways.

 My youngest boy Kingsley gave up nursing at two years old and that felt perfect! In my heart I felt like I wanted to nurse Apple for two years exclusively but I haven’t been lately. Things are changing. We hired someone to care for her three days a week (which I give Kabrita Goat Milk formula those days) and on top of that she is not really wanting to nurse during the day. I mean she will grab my top and yank it down like she wants boobies, but within minutes of latching on – she is off and ready to play. The only good feed from me she is getting is the early morning and late day. And truth be told, I think it is part feed and part cuddle those times. I am still making milk for her but not like I made milk months ago that was for nutrition and meals. More and more we have added Kabrita Goat Milk bottles.

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I get asked about this formula often. It is available in USA and coming to Canada soon! Read my original blog HERE

What is it with the stigma that you have to breastfeed exclusively to be “a good breastfeeder?”.  Like, this shouldn’t even be a thing. I nursed Apple (and my boys) for a year and am still going with Apple although we have added formula we love. I get asked if I am still exclusively nursing and I don’t know how I should answer.
Yes, – and lie.
No. – and explain what my reasoning is for the formula.
I get sometimes people are curious and that is why they ask. But other times it is in a way that comes across like you are no longer real breastfeeders because you are using formula. We are pretty open book over here but I feel like that question is loaded with judgement. I was a perfect hippy mom with Kingsley. Cloth diapers 24/7 including travel and breastfed untill two and he wore organic jammies. Now I am not as worthy with throw away diapers and formula and whatever else I am doing wrong.
I do not know what our future holds. I do know I don’t want to give up nursing her because those mornings are worth gold to me. I also know that our formula choice is working perfect for us. Apple is happy and healthy.
 Don’t they preach fed is best these days? I need to remind myself this when I get hard on my wannabe hippy ass. I also want to say if you are like me this time supplementing with formula I think we are still perfect breastfeeding moms! 

My nursing pillow is by NOOK Sleep.


The New Baby Brezza Baby Bottles…

We recently received the Baby Brezza glass bottles to review. I was excited about the two part system and glass option!!
The Baby Brezza bottles are easier to clean and easier to use because the nipple and ring are an all in one piece! This means no searching to assemble the bottle tops when making a bottle. And it is cleaner because you are not left with gaps that can trap germs and dried milk.
The Baby Brezza comes in glass or a plastic option. We chose to try out the glass.

The ultra wide mouth is very easy to simple to wash without the need a special bottle brushes. This is great especially when a bottle gets left behind and you really want to scrub it with a good wash (washcloth). It’s also easier to fill because you are not pouring into slim design. The ergonomic shape fits perfectly in the babies hands or the caregivers for feeding baby.
The shape of the nipple is wide and designed to be similar to the breast. This design promotes healthy oral development. A great option for moms who are nursing and looking to supplement feeds. I particularly love the vented nipple because Apple is not used to drinking bottles. She doesn’t slow down her suck and the nipples often collapse for her. The Baby Brezza nipple did not collapse at all! Surely this will help reduce colic for young babies.
My overall review is that these bottles are great! They will be staying front in line to be used when miss Apple takes a supplement bottle!
The glass system is shown in the photo.
Enjoying a drink! 
PS. We use Kabrita Goat Formula when bottle feeding for those who may be wondering.
The bottle system and shape.
Wide mouth for easy washing and filling.
Up close of the one piece nipple.
No more digging for rings to match to nipples!
The vent prevents collapsing of the nipple.
She mimics the breast when feeding. A very good sign for moms wanting to go back and forth.
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Dockatot Discount Sale Code…

We’ve just recently received our Grand size Dockatot! It’s HUGE! Even though she is sleeping mainly in her crib I wanted it for afternoon naps with mommy (when I can!) and for the mornings I’m too lazy to feed in the nursery. She currently has a feed at six a.m. then goes back to sleep. Since she’s a crazy roller this will help keep her contained in my bed. 
I got the pink cover too because I’m thinking she will enjoy cuddling up in the family room later on. Of course when she’s older watching TV! 
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Glow soother by MAM