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The RING video doorbell….

Before I get into the technical talk about how this system works I am going to share a few funny stories to why I need the RING! You all will laugh I am sure.
“Hi, my name is Carmen. I am the biggest chicken poop in the whole world! I produce offspring that are also big chickens.”
Picture this scenario….
Mommy (me) at home alone with her beautiful little newborn baby boy. Her other big boys are on two different levels of the house because her husband bought the big non family friendly home before they met. (he called it Kurt’s party palace) Mommy is happily watching her housewives and nursing her darling King when there is a sound at the front door. Of course it must be the local murderer or Freddy. Freezing in fear without camera systems she doesn’t know whether to run upstairs to save kid A or downstairs for kid B or to jump out her window with baby C! She decides to call her husband to scream at him like a mad woman that he needs to come home from work (drive 2+ hours) that minute to save them all.
There once was a husband and wife who just moved to California. They were both going to sleep. Of course the wife needed to catch up on her Real Housewives before sleep and the husband was annoying enough to snore within seconds of his head hitting the pillow. It was the most peaceful evening with a beautiful new baby sleeping by them in the Dockatot. Then suddenly, there was what sounded like a front  closing door sound! It almost sounded like it clicked shut! Instead of having something to be able to check the front door with (like a video) the wife yelled at the husband to get up and check the front door! The husband was so startled by being woken this way he jumped out of bed and went to run to the door breaking his toe on the wooden bed foot! Both were not happy. The wife couldn’t sleep the rest of the night because the fear of the front door set in for the evening.

I really could go on and on and talk about how many times I couldn’t leave my bed because I thought I heard a knock or sound. We even live in a gated community that is pretty tiny so I feel decently safe but the UPS guy can startle me when I am not expecting a package. And seriously, why does anyone in the neighborhood think its OK to knock on your door! hahaha! Like text me and give me a heads up so I am not jumping out of my shoes!

So basically the moral of the story is.. the unknown is scary as heck!
 Now let me introduce you to RING! A system that connects you to the outside of your home no matter where you may be! It is simple to install and can be connected through your doorbell or just attached to your wall. You download an app to your phone, tablet or PC. With easy to use instructions you can choose to have the sensitivity level higher so you will be notified of strangers approaching or turn those off and have it set for calls at your door only. The system also allows you to talk through your device to the person on the other side of the door.

The built in camera and motion detector give you peace of mind.

Ring even comes with night vision!

The video allows you to check if its Freddy or Betty your neighbor! The two way allows you to talk to the other side without the need to open your door. From telling your USPS person to leave the package at the door or to the little kids next door that it is supper time not play time with your kids.

With so many great features and the easy to use and install system I thought it was great to partner with RING. Apple is ready to greet friends at the door!

Great accessories are available like this solar lit sign for your front yard.
Let people know you can see them!
Lastly, I was shopping recently at Costco and posted on my stories (on Instagram) that I got a RING since I saw them there. It was amazing the response from people! I have never posted a product in all my time that had that many positive comments. And I am not saying this because it is a partnership with the brand. It is seriously the truth. Mom’s were messaging me they love theirs to see packages when they are at work, or for the safety of opening the door or that they can use it for their teens at home to tell them not to open the door or to open the door someone they know. It really was great feedback.
Accessories also include Chime Pro the wifi extender and chime for your home. For the times your phone may not be near to hear.
For more information check out RING
or watch their product video HERE
Just in time for Mother’s Day, Ring is sharing a $25 discount code with me that’s good for the purchase of any Ring device, valid from now until May 14th. If you have a mama in your life, this would make a great gift for her for Mother’s Day! Simply make your purchase through this link or use the code “THANKSMOM” at checkout.
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Stopping breastfeeding after a year and my hurt heart….

I used to like writing from the heart and connecting with people around the world. It feels like I never get time for these posts anymore. I decided that I was going to pour myself a glass of wine since the kids are in bed and type.

There have been so many changes in the last few months. We opened our first California restaurant and both Kurt and I started back into work full gear. It was so much fun being able to talk with adults and feel the workplace again. For me the restaurant business is so new. I’ve had to adjust and learn quickly how they operate and what all the things thrown around are. Learning labor costs, food control, ticket times, the list goes on! I hadn’t planned on working in the restaurant as this is my husbands gig but I was somehow drawn in with the need to support him and support our future. Time.. it will slow down for me in time.

About three months ago we hired our nanny on full-time and I put blogging on the back burner. I honestly put life and everyone in it on the back burner for a solid 6 weeks after the doors of Fox and Fiddle opened. During this time I had to figure out this new parenting style. I had never left my boys with anyone like I had with Apple. It was so much easier owning a baby store and taking them to work!

During the start up I needed to make the decision to continue to nurse and pump or to try and nurse her when I see her and pray I keep enough supply. As the weeks led into one month, two months, the three… I saw what was inevitable; milk was slowing and I was losing what I loved. Apple was becoming independent and didn’t need her mommy as much as I hoped. Recently, we came to a cross roads in our nursing relationship. I needed to choose on what path to take. Should I start taking supplements and pumping on top of trying to come home during the day to feed her or should we part. There had been days she didn’t nurse and it was OK. But the choice of not nursing tomorrow or the day after or after that was breaking my heart. I had realized that the more I thought about the loss of something the more I cried. I had realized that you want what you can’t have. I had realized that it was more of a symbolic thing over nutrition, bond, being a good mom or anything else. I set myself up for this. I put so much on feeding her beyond the recommended year that I started to feel pain over stopping instead of joy over doing what I did. I decided to sleep on it and promised myself if I want to wake up and nurse her you could. The day came and went. That night I said the same thing… it”s not over. You can feed her tomorrow. Well, here I am typing this it has been almost two weeks since she fed from my body and soul.

These pictures are my memories forever and as I type this blog I am crying but tomorrow when I wake up I have my daughter to still hold and cherish. She will love me as much. I will love her even more. We don’t need the breast to define that.

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Kabrita Goat Milk Yogurt

I’ve teamed up with Kabrita to share Apple’s favorite yogurt! If you have followed along the blog and my social media you will know we love their goat milk formula. 

I love the brand because they care about ingredients and the best part is goat milk is easy on the little ones tummies. Goat milk sounds so crazy and hippy! When people ask what she drinks or when I have friends see her yogurt packs I find myself explaining that it’s actually a sweet mild taste and not totally nuts to use. It’s easier to digest and who doesn’t want that? I myself had a milk allergy when I was young so this would have been a great alternative I’m sure! (I remember putting orange juice on my cornflakes sometimes! Tang to be exact!)

Kabrita yogurt comes in convenient packs that your little one can suck. When Apple was younger I added it to rice cereal and fed it off the spoon.

Yes! He really is taking a sip of her yogurt! haha

3 flavors include – Banana & Vanilla Bean, Mango Peach, Mixed Berry

I couldn’t stop photoing her! She was so super cute in her yellow dress.

Check out Kabrita’s formula  trial offer HERE 

Use code Carmenthemodernmom to SAVE 15% off your regular price purchase.

This post was sponsored. All opinions are mine.

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The Naked Tank Breastfeeding Company…

The Naked Tank company is a brand that is known for their discreet tanks that layer under your regular clothing for breastfeeding. I have had my black tank since Apple was born and it has been great for under my sweaters and tee shirts especially.

(skirt by Buttercream Clothing in Canada)

The tank works simply by giving you the needed layer to cover up your tummy and back without the bulk over your bra. It is cut out so no matter what your bust size you can wear the body size that fits. This is great for the ups and downs a mothers breasts go through. The material is thin enough to not create bulk or overheat you but thick enough to feel good n the body and not roll up.
No extra bulk!
You can see the cut out design sits under your bra.

The Naked Tank is designed with extra length to go over leggings. The racerback style is perfect when wearing your favorite summer tank or sleeveless top. Perfect to not show!

Recently, Naked Tank has launched a infinity nursing scarf. Many mama’s love nursing scarves. Not only do they make you look more put together but they have function. No more worrying about forgetting your nursing cover! Simply drape the scarf lower and you will have enough coverage at the top or undo the scarf to drape over you and baby fully for a completely discreet feed. The Naked Tank scarves are perfectly light weight so you and baby won’t be covered in sweat by the end of the feed.
With mama basics in mind Naked Tank is a great staple for your wardrobe!
The bamboo tanks come in basic colors like black and white. The cotton tanks are available in  charcoal and grey. The scarves are available in 7 different colours!

Simple and light when nursing.
Peek-a-boo after feed!

Naked Tank is proudly made in Canada!

This post was sponsored. All opinions are mine.