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Breast Explant Journey – The First 2 Weeks + 3 month update on healing (graphic and nudity warning) Bii Before After Photos

Before I start I am going to say that photos will be graphic for some and YES will contain actual breasts! Nude boobies. Yup! No top on… So if this offends you please move along as I believe this is the transparency I want to show because when I made this choice I researched my life away trying to find someone willing to be honest and show me outcome.
Let’s rewind to 2001….
2 weeks after my 21st birthday I gave birth to my second child. (Kaeden Isaiah) Breastfeeding this bundle of joy (screaming 24/7 making nipples bleed from bad latch joy) was a given. The perk to nursing was the nice full size breasts,,,, the downs was the additional weight I was carrying. It was this year that marriage starting getting hard. My husband of the time was traveling for work and not the kindest to my new body. As the year went on more marriage challenges happened and I needed to try and save it by becoming better. By better it meant skinny and needing to be more attractive so he would want to be with me only. By the fall things got worse and that was when I started to starve myself and to throw up my food. I didn’t think I was bulimic because I never over ate or binged but instead felt I was bettering myself by simply ridding myself of the food I ate at supper. At this time I started to consider implants. My mother had gotten them a couple years prior and she was raving at what they do for you. I scheduled my surgery for just after my birthday and just before Kaeden’s birthday. One thing that mattered more than making my husband like me or myself look “female and sexy” was my son. I decided he was more important to breastfeed till the end than to stop before the year. (Thank goodness I at least kept my head straight with my kids)
The day of surgery came and it all went very easy. I felt completely great and resumed normal life the next morning. I felt like I made a great choice but still was needing to fix the rest of my body. I had learned about Atkins diet shortly after and became the strictest low carb person ever. Over the next year I was able to drop down to 115 pounds (I am 5’8″ -well 5 foot 7 + 3/4″) It was then that I noticed my implants were rippling and not as desirable as I had imagined or what I would see in magazines or TV. I made another appointment to see my surgeon.
Around 2004/5 I had another operation and put in silicone 550cc (these were just getting approved again) Let me say they were HUGE on my body now that I look back! Shortly after this I moved out and got divorced. (Got some strength and common sense)  I started to rebuild a new life. I also allowed my body to put on 10 pounds to look much healthier!
My implants served me well during low self esteem days. I felt like I fit into the model of what a woman’s body should be. Yes, they were huge and I had to tailor many of my tops or buy a size up to just fit them but during the years having them I was happy.
Fast forward to marrying Kurt, having 2 more kids, a proper relationship and self reflection. I became a brand new me! I was confident and started not caring about what people thought. Sometimes so much so Kurt said he created a monster! LOL

 Early this year around my 40th birthday I decided that my breast implants were becoming a hindrance and looking at my daughter I did not want her to do this to her body. I wanted to be a better role model. After announcing that I was going to remove them I had quickly learned about Bii. (breast implant illness) After reading hours upon hours worth of information I started to reflect on my health and things started to fall into place. I was checking off the boxes of illness. About 2 years ago my hair started to fall out in clumps. My shoulder pains started giving me migraines on the regular and my sleep issues amplified. I had the need for eye drops daily. My breathing was never a full breath and the sensations I was feeling were not normal. I’d have aches and burning in my breasts. My eyes were doing the blurs that I swore was because I was now “old”.  It was time to get them out!

I found a lot of information on the Facebook page 
Click below for direct link

Breast Implant Illness and Healing By Nicole. 

They had links to the website with a list of recommended doctors. All the questions you should ask and what to expect. The best support group I ever was involved in!

I did about 4 consults before I selected a doctor. I ended up changing doctors shortly after because I didn’t feel right with the original choice. I am keeping my selection private as I really believe you should do your research and pick someone who is good for you. It is a very big surgery and I would hate to say I love my doc and then someone not be happy with them!

Here is the recommended surgeon list link


The website is linked

Now on to what everyone wants to see (or won’t be able to unsee! JK!)
I am going to date my results so you can see as the days have gone by.  It has only been a short 2 weeks of healing so I will give another update of how they go in months. I will also be doing a separate post tomorrow for things I loved and needed and tips the I found useful.

I would post photos of pre boobs however the only ones I have that show well are from a photo shoot when I was about 17. I was very slim with tiny boobs that just filled and A. I lost a lot of years of photo after my divorce sadly. He wasn’t great and a girl he met threw out what he had (including my wedding pics and keepsakes that I hoped my boys could see in many years down the road)

I tried to get natural light and didn’t add and filter so you can see raw as much as possible.

550 cc Silicone under the muscle. See left side how is it lifted and turned slightly. Breastfed 1 child for 2 years and another child 1.5 years after this set was placed in. (It is actually my right breast) That is an undetected rupture. It was causing a capsule contracture.
I was a 34/36 G
I am tall, muscular and with my increased weight gain they hid how actually large they are.
Below is a photo of how big they were in a push up bra.
Capsular contracture is essentially a tightening – or contracting – of the scar tissue. Symptoms usually emerge gradually and may be noticed first as a feeling of mild tightening. As contracture increases, the breast may appear misshapen and become very firm and painful, especially when lying on it.
Morning of surgery. Nov 6/19
First night I slept propped. Well I slept initially until I had to take a pain med that kept me wired until the next morning! I switched them out asap the next day.
Morning after surgery. Nov 7/19
I was feeling a lot of pain on my right side ribs. That was the ruptured implant.
No drains used. Surgeons choose to do them or not. I had issues with drains before so this was a good thing for me.
Nov 7/19
Post op check up and my temporary bra until I got my new support ones. I thought I would be flat so this size was a surprise! I had to go back shopping for a larger bra.
My eyes on top. Photo just before surgery and photo next day.
I can’t explain why but they have been whiter and brighter and I no longer need eyedrops.
Bloating was set in. I know some may say “ya right” but it was. I did bring my own food and health alternatives to get things flowing. The medication really eats with my body.
Nov 7 late afternoon.
I got the balls to look at them.
The first time I was able to see them I was shocked and truthfully a little unhappy because I thought they would be nice little tiny boobs. They were swollen but my meds made me foggy so I was all over in emotions.
Nov 8/19
Time to head home! I was feeling very well. Still taking some pain meds for the terrible aches in the ruptured side.
Make shift bed for home! Needed to be comfy.
Day 3 and I felt my skin was already relaxing and my mind was becoming at ease.
Nov 10/19
 My first hair was and oh did it feel good!!
My second oldest was so gentle and caring.
I now needed to rest a couple days to recoup from it all. Mentally and physically it had me in ups and downs. Mainly ups with joy and the heal was starting to be real! I could breathe so well and other things were happening too that made me feel so good!
Morning of Nov 12/19
Scars were closing lovely.
I had fear my nipple would fall off! Yeah, I am that crazy lol.
The clinic said adding tape over wouldn’t do any harm so I did and boy did that help my nightmares.
Nov 14/19
I panicked at the sight of the yellow on my right breast! I thought for sure I got and infection or it was not healing.
Turns out that it was bruising coming through when means it is healing.
I also had a bad couple days of bloating so I ended up getting Swiss Kriss natural Laxative to help.
This was the time I started to get sad. I could see the volume and size on my left breast was much larger. While one whom may look at these photos may say it is barely a problem. it was HUGE in my eyes. I cried a lot this day and felt I would need a second operation.
Bruising up close. Oh and my extra tape for the nipple anxiety!
My compression bra/top was giving marks.
Nov 15/19
The size difference was showing more and my bandages fell off to reveal the Frankenstein areola/nipple. I crashed. I literally felt so sad and hurt with my body.
The look of my breast was so scary I thought for sure I would never be ok or heal enough. I didn’t show Kurt but did cry a lot more. I already started planning to have another surgery to fix this. I couldn’t believe my skin was so wavy either. In my mind the lift should make me have smooth skin and perky little nipples. They should be the same size and now I was a stretched out, wrinkly washed up 40 year old.
The one thing that kept me getting through these bad days was my son Kaeden. He was so caring that everyday he would check in and ask how they are healing and looking. He kept pushing me to feel better and ok. He said I looked great for such little time I was doing awesome. It was him who helped me not fall too deep into the sadness that hits depression.
Nov 16/19
I took many deep breathes and prayed for comfort and healing.
It finally looked like things may be changing and coming around the corner.
I taped the babies up after applying scar strips.
ya, ya some will say they contain silicone but so do many things and I wanted to have good healing strips.
No negative needed for this!
My skin was starting to smooth. I was quite delighted by that! I also read up that it can take 3-6 months to retract or even up to a year to be its best.
I also noticed that size difference I thought I was going to be stuck with wasn’t so big anymore.
I was now 11 days post op. Eating well and starting to heal well.
I started to feel the excitement and joy that I had previous the surgery.
Scar strips are on but I wish I could show how fantastic they were/are getting. Sadly, that tiny nipple sets people off! yup… good ole society creeps and uptight people. (I have no problem with nudity… didn’t get that gene)
Nov 19/19
The day I felt I was going to have the cutest boobies I ever had once healed! My nipples are healing so well and the size is coming down on that larger one. The bruising is almost non existent! My body is getting back to itself and I am becoming the think positive person again! I have marks from my bra I have to wear 24/7 for 30 days in many photos and they also compress some. I believe in a month or more when I get into a nice comfortable flex bra they will smooth even more and obviously the marks on my ribs will go away.
I will share the scar on my areola and anchor stitches in a couple months without the bandage.
Sorry they are on and too much to take off for last pic but its changed some from previous couple days.
I am confident that when the say “the heal is real” it is the truth.
So much of my body feels different, from my eyes to my face skin, my inflammation, my brain to my chest. It is all positive.
The downside is; recovery is a little longer than I like,  I do feel arm aches or inner breast muscle aches from the capsulectomy/implant removal when I try and do too much. My tummy can get a little sensitive but from what I read the heavy metals that I had in my body are detoxing. I hate sleeping on my back!! And I have BO! Like I have never had this in my life – I don’t wear deodorant because I typically react to it but hear I am loading it up as of yesterday so people at work won’t smell me!
The changed tape I used and found a lighter more breathable one at Target. It was a 2 pack I think called paper tape by ban-aid. It didn’t make my skin list or wrinkle like the original thick one. That is what you see in later images.
Below are the toxic bags that I was once told are super safe and had they ever broke nothing would enter my body because they stay together like gel.
Intact one
Damn 6″ wide!!
Ruptured One
Look at this sick toxic gel!! It is like glue!

Yup, that flap of plastic is just a random floating piece that was on my ribs and near my lung. Poisoning my body.
Link to videos on my IG HERE
They are under highlights 
My a week post healing photo.
I have finally weighed myself. I do not want to get caught up on the scale as I am doing my best to heal my mental health and body issues. I was the girl who weighed herself daily!
Currently 140 was 155-158 with implants at the end of sickness. Weight in my 20’s to late 30’s was average 135. I think my body is sorting itself back out to my natural less inflamed and poisoned state.
Bra shopping has been a bit to take mentally. I have found that unlined work the best. I fit a 34 B/C depending on the bra I could be a 36A. I was lucky that one of my fabulous followers sent some gifts and it included these cute bra’s along with a couple others. They all fit great but maybe because I wasn’t being so judgy to my body and boobs at home.

OK so the big heal reveal!

Here they are! The nipples are healing very well! The scars can be more faded somedays over others. I find when I am stressed or extra active they redden. It has not been that long (just 11 weeks – short bit under 3 months) so I am sure it will only get better!
Up close scars healing. Also you can see the droop but that is OK! Millions of us have that and honestly I think its sexy.
3 surgeries later! oh man..

Positive changes I have seen happen to me and my body….

Mental Health. This has been the best! I have always struggled with ups and downs and self worth. I feel clearer headed and look at my body with positivity.
Inflammation. It is very clear to even outsiders I look less swollen. People that see my around town ask what I have been doing lately because I look so healthy and great. (Like the people I don’t really know are doing this!)
Breathing is still wonderful. I have not been overly active because I still feel the healing happening so I have not pushed that.
Vision blurs gone.
The bedroom wresting (wink wink) has been WOW! Kurt took some adjusting and so did I at first. We actually had some REALLY hard days in early December. He felt I was too fragile to touch and needed to get used to seeing my body this way. I took that as he hated my body when he said he was afraid. Our world crumbled for a few weeks and gosh I was thankful for my friends to listened to me and those that said Kurt needed time but does love me. Marriage is already hard and especially in a lifestyle we live of owning a bar with a bunch of trashy girls who would like to be with the bar owner. The craziest thing is Kurt kept commenting how beautiful I looked in my clothes without the big implants and I just would not hear it. I guess we need to grow and heal and can blame others for our own pain we have.
Nipple sensation. If I didn’t have anything change and only got this I would do this over a million times! YOU GUYS! I have never felt them like this in my adult life! I was so mind blown I may have told the ladies in my kitchen I cook with way too much about it. LOL! But for real they are sensitive in the best way I have never had. They used to be flat and lifeless after my first implant set was “installed” haha
Weight loss. This has been nice but not anything that I did this for.
My skin. It has more glow and my face looks so much healthier.
My hair. IT IS GROWING!! I have so much new baby hair and can not wait to see what the next year will hold for my thickness. (extension girl up in here!)
My daughter. She is only 4 years old and she has told me she likes that we are twinning.
My youngest son. He is only 8 and walked into the bathroom as I was dressing and said “mom, I don’t want to hurt your feelings or be rude. I really love how your boobies look. I think the other fake ones made you look not nice like this.” I know what he was saying is he liked me natural and not the look I had going on before. I am certain that these boys will never push any woman to change what God gave her.
There for sure are more things but these are the stand out to me.
Some things I have worked through were a few high blood pressure spikes. Food sensitivity to some additional things. Itchy scars. My first time in a swimsuit shock. But this is all settling.
Anyways, much love to those who have supported me!
I am happy to hear so many of you have positivity coming from this. From women who are feeling better about what they have to women who have now explanted or have their appointments booked. I just hope we can reach a day in society that all body types are accepted by EVERYONE.
Carmen Shalene

Kids lunch ideas with Sargento cheese slices!

Sponsored by SargentoFirst of all I have to say picking kids lunches can be tough! We want to offer them healthy and nutritious foods but truthfully those end of in the garbage at school or comeback gross and soggy in their lunch kit.

For those who don’t know I have a 21 year old too so I have been doing this for a LONG time! I realized giving the kids a choice of quality items made them feel like they got what they picked. Instead of asking “Do you want a peanut butter and jam sandwich or this collard green wrap?” I would ask “What type of cheese do you want to pick for your greens wrap?”. Another thing I found is my kids always ate what they made. There was something there to be proud about and it helped them experiment with so many new things!
So on to a few lunch ideas that we use!
While many kids love the flavor of the mozzarella, mild cheddar and Colby Jack we mixed it u with a few of King’s faves. He is a huge cheese fan so he loves every type of slice we buy. Of course you can use any Sargento cheese that your family loves! Also, under no way are we a no bread family. King takes a classic turkey and cheddar sandwich to lunch too! We just like having alternatives.

Grapes and Cheese slices on Skewers
Anything on skewers makes my kids so darn happy! Not only do they love making them (even Apple gets totally involved) but they love to eat them.
We did grape and gouda + 2 cheese blend Sargento cheese slice wrapped with turkey slices. The trick is wrap your cheese slice into the meat slice so it stays nicely on the skewer.
Melon and Cheese wrapped with Prosciutto
Another awesome simple to make item is cantaloupe with any Sargento cheese slice of choice wrapped around and held in place with prosciutto.
These also make the best adult tapas if you drizzle reduced balsamic on them. I snuck a couple to enjoy with a glass of wine!

Next up is Collard Greens Wrap.

These sound scary to some that are worried about something being green but let me say they are soooo good! I know many of you see on my stories we use them as a wrap staple in our house.
It really is as easy as picking your favorite sandwich toppings and wrapping hem in the nice mild and hearty green leaf. I like using these because they do not fall apart easily in the kids hands. I do a tight burrito fold and they are good to go!
We used a roasted chicken, pickles, Sargento 2 cheese blend slice, carrots for added crunch and my chipotle mayo. (recipe here of the mayo)
I like to add tomatoes to mine and sauerkraut or hummus!


Last but not least are the egg bites!
These absolutely awesome grab and go bites are perfect for breakfast on the run or as a school lunch.
In a muffin tin you need to spray with a non-stick. I prefer coconut oil spray.
Layer your meat slice of choice in the tin.
Depending on size of your tin crack in 1 or 2 eggs.
Add cheese slice of choice and anything else you may want. (tomato, cooked potato, a meat chunk, mushrooms… really whatever)
I made a layered scalloped potatoes with cheese slices and ham so I scooped some of that in 1/2 our batch and the rest we did cheddar and tomato.
Cook at 350* for 22-30 minutes. My oven takes 30 minutes for these larger tins.
Hope you get some fresh ideas from this and you will be bringing the kids in the kitchen more!
It really is a great way to spend quality time with your kids in an electronic fueled world.
To learn more about Sargento cheeses and locate a retailer near you

Veggie Rice bowl with Easy Cilantro & Avocado Dressing

This cilantro dressing is one of my favorite light flavor dressings. You can use either fresh or frozen avocado for it. It lasts about 10 days in the fridge well sealed. ( I use my WEAN GREEN linked HERE)
For this post I used Right Rice a rice alternative but you can use any preferred rice or even a greens bottom. For your bowl place cooked rice in bottom and simply layer any of your favorite vegetables on top. I always add Kimchi to mine as the spice and zing added to the bowl works perfect!
My rice bowl had avocado, shredded beets, cherry tomatoes (salt these before adding to bowl), sprouted micro greens, red pepper, kimchi and arugula.
Note : using the fresh lemon and lime really makes a difference! It has a brighter flavor and also a healthier option. I also do not add oil to this dressing so the taste is cleaner however, if you want the added oil instead of water use grape seed.
Easy Cilantro & Avocado Dressing
Ingredients :
1 cup fresh Cilantro
1 large ripe Avocado
2 Jalapeno slices
1 fresh Lime juiced
1/2 fresh Lemon Juiced
1/2 teaspoon salt or to taste
1/4 cup water (this is to help whip)
Place in vitamix, bullet or similar blender. Blend on high until smooth and creamy.
Taste before removing. If you need add more lemon or salt to suit your personal flavor.

Chipotle Aioli Recipe

As promised I am uploading my chipotle aioli recipe in partnership with Best Foods Mayonnaise.
This aioli is perfect for burgers, as a dip for grilled potatoes or roasted vegetables. It is the easiest thing to make yet packs so much flavor and punch for dishes. I keep mine in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.
1 can Chipotles (7 oz size is what I buy)
1.5 cups Best Foods Mayonnaise (use anyone you prefer)
1 tablespoon Dried Oregano
1/4 cup Ketchup
1/8 cup Lemon Juice (fresh preferred)
Place all ingredients in blender and blend on high until smooth and creamy.



Caper & Dill Hearty Potato Salad Recipe

A very easy and very flavorful potato salad I have ben making for years!
Ingredients needed :
2-3 pound red or yukon gold potatoes
2 cups mayonnaise ( I prefer Best Foods Classic)
1/2 cup chopped green onion
1 cup sliced radishes
1/2 cup chopped fresh dill
1/4 cup capers
2 tablespoon mustard
1/2 teaspoon paprika
1 cup sliced dill pickles
5 hard boiled eggs (prefer an 11 minute boil for this)
1/8 to 1/4 pink Himalayan sea salt  teaspoon salt (this can vary to your taste)
In large pot fill with water and add salt. Bring to boil. (Salt is important to add to all vegetables boiling water!)

Chop potatoes into slightly larger than bite size pieces.

Boil potatoes until tender. Remove and place on tray in fridge to cool.

Meanwhile prepare dressing for salad. Combine in medium bowl mayonnaise, green onion, radishes, dill, capers, dill pickles mustard and paprika. Let sit in fridge 30 minutes while potatoes cool to increase flavor.
Rough chop egg and add to large bowl with both potatoes and dressing. Lightly fold all ingredients until well mixed without breaking up potatoes. Check for salt needed as capers add salt to this mix .. you can add desired amount. I typically add about 1/4 teaspoon.


You can enjoy right away or leave in fridge covered to add more flavor.

Sun-dried Tomatoes

Since I had started a garden I ended up with an excess amount of tomatoes! I decided to try making my own sun dried tomatoes. I can not believe how tasty these are when you make them at home!!
Slice tomatoes 1/4″ thick
Spray a VERY light layer of coconut oil spray on baking sheet.
Lay tomatoes on sheet and salt lightly with pink Himalayan sea salt.
Place out in sun.
I did not need to cover mine up as in our area there are not flies or bugs that are attracted to these. If you need layer a light fine mesh over tray.
Depending on heat and sunshine these will be dried in 1- 3 days. (could be slightly longer in your area) We had 110* heat last week and mine were ready in 36 hours but this week being just under 100* they took just over 48 hours.
Once dry pack into a jar and cover with high quality olive oil.
These are shelf stable and perfect for salads, pasta or eating their own.


Cooking with Carmen!

I had taken a break from blogging for sometime after feeling a little uninspired. Throughout this time I continued to share my life on social media and love doing so! Something that always gets people interacting and asking me to post more of is my cooking.
A little background about me and cooking.
When I was 16 I moved out on my own. I knew how to peel potatoes and do some basic prep of vegetables but really was clueless to the actual cooking. I started burning pots and pans like a wild fire and had so little money I was hitting up garage sales for more because I couldn’t afford new at the rate I killed them. It wasn’t until I almost started the kitchen on fire that I learned the low and high wasn’t cooking speed. Since I was always the type of person who felt getting things done quick was good I used max cooking speed aka HOT AS SHIT!
Eventualy, I started to watch cooking shows and my non cable TV.  Let me tell you Canadian cooking shows on free TV were not like they are now! Soooo basic!! I also couldn’t afford most food items they used so I had to learn to improvise. This was the start to my success in the kitchen!
Fast forward to 2017 when I was thrown into a commercial kitchen as part of a job description I did not originally accept but was up for the challenge for! Now today I create food items for a restaurant menu and cocktails for a bar.
So here is the start of my new look on Carmen the Modern Mom… I will be helping you cook with ease! I try and eat sugar free as much as possible ( and this doesn’t mean diet sugar that is a NO! in my cooking!) and use what is in season. I also try and make meals without breaking the bank yet they taste like you went the extra mile for guests! So I hope y’all enjoy!
PS. It sure is a change when I now have to write measurements down for these recipes! I am totally a fly by the seat of my pants cook!

Hope you all enjoy!

home & diy

My super organized closet with Modular Closets

Let me start with this.
Kurt and Carmen are walking into this ugly home looking to buy a fixer upper and the minute Kurt walks into the master bedroom and sees the small long closet WITHOUT doors (yes, they removed all doors in the house??) Kurt turns and says “Let’s go! This is not the house for us. We can live without many things but not a closet!”
I knew this home had potential and wasn’t walking away. I also wasn’t minding downsizing some of my clothing and shoes since I still had a few items that made me feel like garbage because over time you gain weight and the ones that didn’t fit gave me bad feelings.

Fast forward to now :

We moved in and I packed all my clothing into the terrible closet space with one long rod and dilapidated shelves that tilted forward so things fell off.

I took the doors off so you can see the mess. I am also using Kaeden’s closet in his room for all my hanging dresses.
Shoe disaster!
It was time to get a great system! After researching I came across Modular Closets.
Modular Closets is great for achieving a customized look and function for a fraction of the price! I worked with them and had send in my dimensions and what I needed for my space. As you can tell I needed some good shoe room! They gave back a design drawing with suggestion for my space and it was perfect!

When the system arrived in many boxes (I should have take a photo) I was like OH MY GOSH! This will be so much work. However, it was one of the easiest assembly and instructions I have dealt with. I was able to build everything quickly on my own and with the help of my 17 year old son we got it installed into he space.

Viola!! My stuff fits! I couldn’t be happier with everything.
Behind that wall is my long dresses and the drawers are perfect for my leggings, tank tops, shorts and socks etc.
If you are like me you can order additional shelves to make sure you have enough for shoes.
Above my dresses is a little shelf I use for my scarves. I did a basket so its easy to get down and pull out items.
The drawer glides are so smooth! They do come with handles however I chose not to use them. I wanted the smooth front look.
If you are looking to tidy up a space and give everything a place I recommend Modular Closets!

Their goal is to provide homeowners with a dream look for affordable prices while using top grade 3/4 inch plywood and materials!

Now off to shop since I think I see a little more space for clothes! 😉

This post with in partnership with Modular Closet. All views and opinions are mine.
home & diy

New Home + New Year

I am so excited to have something that I am passionate about to share again! I loved writing blog posts when Apple was a baby about gear and parenting. This last year I had been so focused on building the brand Dringk Eatery + Bar I hadn’t posted much here!
Now to the house stuff! We bought a fixer upper! I can’t wait to share as we upgrade each of the rooms!
I have started by painting the house entirely inside and installed new flooring. It was a dingy grayish white and the previous people removed the flooring. Concrete was not my thing! My initial plan is to upgrade the kitchen first then move on to the living room and master bathroom. Eventually I will be replacing the windows and doors but I need to plant my money tree first!
Here are a few before pics. I am also linking the latest upgrades I am getting asked about that I did in the kitchen. I have changed my mind on the backsplash so that has gone on hold and I am still deciding on the island that I want to put on. At first I wanted to do black but I may now do a solid granite one.
The following posts I will be better at getting proper before pictures. I was a little overwhelmed with Ace our dog dying, Christmas and moving during a very busy week at our biz!
The before wall color. It has low ceilings so I wanted to make it as bright as possible.
We also had the ugliest vent from a swamp cooler that I had removed.
This light is going bye bye!
And so did the concrete floors.
Picking the right flooring is hard! We chose Lifeproof in color “Walton Oak” from Home Depot

Flooring down! It is dark when cloudy and nice and bright on light days. We have many bright days in Palm Springs so it is just perfect!
Apple caught testing paint in the master bedroom.
Wall Color : Semi Gloss Behr PURE WHITE
Ceiling Color : Flat Behr PURE WHITE
Master Bedroom : Behr INK BLACK
Before handles
Quick kitchen upgrade while we wait for tile, appliances, island and more!
Handles Linked HERE
This stove is being replaced along with other appliances.
I will be linking most of my finds and loves on my new Amazon page!