Sophie Harley Bespoke Jewelry

I recently posted about my new Sophie Harley stacking rings. A lot had asked me for more details I am writing this for everyone to see my pretty stack.
Sophie Harley does beautiful bespoke designs. I love that many are very unique and that they start at an affordable price for fine jewelry but go up to stunning investment pieces. Check out their wedding collection HERE
I got the individuals to stack. I chose to do 4 to represent having 4 kids. They stack comfortably and actually work with my thin diamond wedding band too! I think these designs are timeless.
You do need to know your finger size. I know mine off by heart. (Not that I have had many chances to tell Kurt the sizes sadly. He’s behind on buying jewels for mama. hmm Kurt if you read this…)
I will link the individuals I got below… enjoy! Be sure to check out her wing collection. It is stunning!


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Lark Adventure Wear the activewear for babies and toddlers review…

Recently I was sent some outfits from Lark Adventure Wear to try out for review. I was excited to try them on Apple as she had tested their line a couple months back when they were in sample stage.
The Lark Adventure Wear is made from an eco-friendly, moisture wicking fabric. The fabric has been carefully made to meet Oeko-Tex® 100 standards to be certified. The soft fabric is made from a blend of bamboo and cotton.  Lark is made by a mom who knew how important comfort is. It was important to Pallavi Patil that she created clothes that would be breathable and sweat free. There are no synthetic fabrics or chemical finishes to create the sweat free Lark fabric.
Lark is designed to wick away moisture from babies and toddlers. It is made as an activewear for little ones but essentially will be used much more than that. It simply comfortable and you will feel happy knowing your putting your baby in something they can crawl, move and run in without restriction. When they tire there isn’t a need to change them because there aren’t those tight elastics that can dig into tummies or scratchy fabrics bothering them.
Apple wearing the bodysuit in 18 months.
The cute back logo Lark.
After trying on the outfits I was really happy with the great fit. The snaps were easy to use and stylishly designed with the side angle closure. They have the crotch snap opening for easy diaper changes. The body wasn’t too wide so it looked neat and cute on. I find some rompers are made so wide they can look sloppy. The onsie shirts are a generous length that will give lots of room to grow.
They have full zipper access sleepers for parents that want quick and simple zips.
The onsie top shown on. Generous length for her size. I love that! Nothing worse than ordering clothing that comes way too small!
Lark Adventure Wear has bright fun colors available. They are a refreshing change for baby clothes. The combination of prints and contrast trims make them stand out!
The romper on the left and onsie style compared.
I love the way the neck style is! This is my favorite combo of colors. Yellow and pink are perfect together! I swear most of Apple’s wardrobe are these colors.
Oh happy girl! 
Close up of the neckline and body fit.
Tag free for extra soft comfort. Making this a great option for sleeping in the summer.
So far the outfits have washed great! They kept that soft stretchy comfort that I liked from the start.
Check out

Lark Adventure Wear 
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The Naked Tank Breastfeeding Company…

The Naked Tank company is a brand that is known for their discreet tanks that layer under your regular clothing for breastfeeding. I have had my black tank since Apple was born and it has been great for under my sweaters and tee shirts especially.

(skirt by Buttercream Clothing in Canada)

The tank works simply by giving you the needed layer to cover up your tummy and back without the bulk over your bra. It is cut out so no matter what your bust size you can wear the body size that fits. This is great for the ups and downs a mothers breasts go through. The material is thin enough to not create bulk or overheat you but thick enough to feel good n the body and not roll up.
No extra bulk!
You can see the cut out design sits under your bra.

The Naked Tank is designed with extra length to go over leggings. The racerback style is perfect when wearing your favorite summer tank or sleeveless top. Perfect to not show!

Recently, Naked Tank has launched a infinity nursing scarf. Many mama’s love nursing scarves. Not only do they make you look more put together but they have function. No more worrying about forgetting your nursing cover! Simply drape the scarf lower and you will have enough coverage at the top or undo the scarf to drape over you and baby fully for a completely discreet feed. The Naked Tank scarves are perfectly light weight so you and baby won’t be covered in sweat by the end of the feed.
With mama basics in mind Naked Tank is a great staple for your wardrobe!
The bamboo tanks come in basic colors like black and white. The cotton tanks are available in  charcoal and grey. The scarves are available in 7 different colours!

Simple and light when nursing.
Peek-a-boo after feed!

Naked Tank is proudly made in Canada!

This post was sponsored. All opinions are mine.


Mayarya X Carmen the Modern Mom Dress..

I’m so excited to announce the dress I designed for Mayarya! It was an honor to be selected to work with them. 

When designing the dress I wanted to create something that can go from day to night. It was also important to fit all stages of motherhood. From maternity to nursing and beyond this dress is sure to flatter your ever changing body.  It’s a mid length to feel sexy but not too revealing. You can bend down and pick up your baby or load groceries in the car without worrying about flashing the world! It’s also an easy length to wear out on the town paired with heels!

I have a love for ruching on dresses so this was a must on my piece. Not only does ruching flatter your body, it helps hide underwear lines. (I hate having to wear special underwear for outfits!) The gathering on the side also works to adjust the length on the dress. If you’re a petite mama you can shorten the dress by having the pleats tighter. 

The dress has a discreet nursing panel inside making it perfect for new moms. I didn’t want cut outs or anything complicated to have to deal with so after some adjustments we got the perfect discreet panel. It is like an insert strip pf fabric that can slide down out of the way for moms who want full breast exposure or slide up over the top of the breast to hide everything while allowing baby to latch on between the panel and pulled down dress. Since there are no holes or clips it’s very comfortable for women to wear after nursing! It does not feel maternal at all! You can even easily cut the panel out if you don’t want it there. (I like it in to cover up my bumps from my bra. Since post feeding boobs are not as great as they once were!)
Since this was designed with the upcoming summer in mind I also wanted a light weight, comfortable and breathable fabric to be used. The cotton is very soft and has the perfect amount of stretch without feeling tight. It is washer friendly too! No mama wants to have to dry clean or worry if their new purchase can get ruined by the regular laundry. 

Lastly, I chose a racerback design to be flattering and stylish. My upper arms have always bothered me and I find if a sleeveless dress hits them the wrong way I get the fat roll. I know, I know! You all will say I’m crazy but this is my body issues and don’t we all have areas we feel self conscious about? The racerback doesn’t hit the bad spot and makes me feel fitter for some crazy reason. 
I hope you love this dress as much as I do! It was so fun going back and forth with samples and edits from Mayara! 

The Carmen the Modern Mom X Mayarya will launch April 26!

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ps. includes fees and duties to most countries.

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The new Rosy Posy print by Jujube and Tula..

We just left the beach party put on by Jujube for influencers, bloggers, friends and brand supporters! As always they host the best parties. I love seeing the familiar faces and friends I’ve made in this community!
Exciting news is the new Jujube print is a collaboration with Tula baby carriers! You’ll be able to get a matching carrier in two ways. Either full floral print or a navy mesh panel. The Rosy Posy print will be available in all Jujube bag styles!
We had fun with an impromptu photoshoot. Who can resist the backgrounds beautiful!?

Apples swimwear is by Janie and Jack
shop my swimsuit here by Reef
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The Undercover Mama Nursing Tank…

I recently partnered with Undercover Mama to try out their nursing tank and dress.
If you haven’t heard of Undercover Mama, they make a unique tank that clips on easily to your nursing bra. 
 You clip the strapless tank with your bra to create a nursing tank top. This allows you to use the support and size of bra that properly works for you! It has two styles of clips on the end of the tank, a hook or a slider as shown.) Basically like a tank without straps and the clips are attached where the straps would be. You can loop one of the clips around your bra or slide the metal clasp into your nursing bra strap.
If you pair of black tank top with a black bra it really becomes an all in one tank that is wearable on it’s all out.
The dress has the same clip system built inside. The nice discrete flap gives you coverage where you need it and the lower part of the dress clips to your bra. When you go to nurse your baby the side you’re feeding on is the only one exposed. (Which babies head ready much covers!)

The maxi dress is a great length, it hits my ankles at 5 foot 8. For a more petite girl it will reach the ground. It is made from a beautiful rayon and spandex blend that gives softness and stretch making it very comfortable. The body of the dress is a little looser fit so it is great for postpartum! My favorite part of the dress is the length of the sleeve! 

any bra + tank = perfect fit!

Up close showing the both clips.

Using the plastic ring.

Using the “S” hook
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The Beo Bei Wunderlust Underbust tank…

I love discovering new things! I always feel like I know most baby and mama gear around but then I am pleasantly surprised with something like my new Bao Bei tank! Most of you know I am a bad ass breastfeeder, going far past the expected year. (ok, so it feels far in some people’s eyes. You know the ones who gasp when you say you’re planning two years as your break-up age.)
 Recently, I received an underbelly tank from Bao Bei Maternity. This perfect layering tank fits under your bust. It allows you to pair any bra you want by scooping under the bust. The soft fleecy feel and perfect stretch are cozy against your skin. Not to hot for workout activities but thick enough to hide the bumps that come from just having a baby.
I paired with my sport nursing bra it is the perfect workout look! (The design is meant to go over your bra however I placed my bra over to have a solid looking top part. see image below for ways to style.)
Wunderlust shown with bra under.
The tank layers perfectly with any top to make a perfect nursing option.
The soft tank has a long body. It covers the bum perfectly so you can pair with leggings.
The cut out style bust allows for you to wear any bra of choice.
You can wear this tank pregnant or breastfeeding and beyond! If buying for maternity size up.
The tank goes easily from the gym to the grocery store to dressed up casual. It actually has inspired me to get my butt out for a fitness class. I told Braedy my oldest who is gym obsessed that I would be his work out partner. He laughed at me because he knows I do not work out. Little does he know his old lady mama will be waving from across the gym ” Hi Braedy!! Braedy over here!! Braedy, its your mommy!! Braedy! I am working out!” You know January is coming and isn’t that the time to sign up to get fit?
Throw on a denim jacket and you have the perfect look to hit the grocery store or do errands.
You can dress up the look. It really goes from the gym to on the town.
Check out Bao Bei for more great maternity and after baby items. I wish I had their support band while pregnant with Apple!
image via Bao Bei Maternity
This post was sponsored. All opinions are mine.
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Shopping for Apple’s clothes…

I am linking some of my favourite Instagram and Etsy shops that I buy Apple’s clothes from. I love the unique styles you can find from some amazingly talented people. It is so fun being able to create some unique items when small shops sew custom colour ways.
Bonnets and Hats

(Baby turban style hats that are soft, comfortable and fit much longer than the size says! They also run a preemie program by sending a hat in teeny size to preemies in the hospital.)
(My main go to for Apple’s bonnets. We have had many custom made adding bunny ears and special inside colours. Great fit and Canadian made.)

Knit Clothing
(Quality is amazing and the colour choices are endless! We have had so many pieces made from rompers to bloomers, socks to hats and matching blankets. I have loved every item.)
(Her classic mustard colour bloomer with white trim and all the simple knit rompers are perfect staples in the baby’s wardrobe.)
(Sweet little knit hats with a pom pom and rompers and bloomers to match.)

(This is probably one of my favourite brands. A little luxury line that give the classic feel and I wear over and over on Apple. I order my items from Hello Leuie in Vancouver, Canada)

Westcoast Baby

(Made of the softest bamboo material with the greatest slim fit this was a classic and favourite for Kingsley and Apple as baby.)


(The basics are made from a lovely stretch cotton. They mix and match so you can create many looks from a few pieces. The seasonal collection is stylish and cute. All items wash amazing!)

Penny & Co

(The original angel wing tops and outfits. We have a few of their tops and they make any outfit extra cute!)


(If you want comfortable and stylish Woodbean is the go to! We had a couple custom items made and wow they are great!! I especially love the mint and polkadot colours she uses.)


(For both boys and girls Childhoods clothing is cute wardrobe basics. I loved Apple in her newborn sweastuits!)

Candy Kirby Designs

(Our favourite Tee’s for a good price! We have bought every girl colour for each size and stage Apple has needed. I have also bought their long nightgowns. Another well made and soft brand!)

Wheat Kids Clothing

(From the tights to tutu’s they have great quality and style! Unique clothing that is Danish designed.)

Mini Boden

(I buy their five pack basic onsie top each season. They usually make them in a floral and stripe.)

(A great selection of fashionable and unique baby outfits. Hand made and oh so cute!!)

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Shape wear by Belly Bandit and my favourite underwire nursing bra …

If you are like me and want a nice smooth look under your dresses and outfits you need to check out these shape wear pieces by Belly Bandit! I have tried many brands and can say the Belly Bandit brand fit is one of the best!! They aren’t too tight, the material doesn’t make me sweat and my shorties do not roll. If you are breastfeeding like me it is hard to find a slimmer tank that is easy to nurse in so this style made me so happy! You can also wear the nursing tank not nursing. (They do make a full coverage option but of course I just wanted the nursing one.)
Valid now through August 26 use code ModernM82016 to save 15%
I’ve linked the photo’s for easy shopping!
Belly Bandit shorties
Shown is the slimming nursing tank and shorties by Belly Bandit. Bra is by Bella Materna
One of the best underwire nursing bra’s on the market! I swear bhy this bra. Best fit, good breast shape, washes well and folds properly. Doesn’t flip back on baby! Click the picture to save 5.00 off your purchase.
A close up of the double hook system. Easier fits and can wear comfortably on last hooks while pregnant. After baby comes and you start to lose weight it simply tightens. Also adjusting the sliders on the straps will help perfect cup size fit! (was a best seller by far in my store I owned)
Shown you can wear your Belly Bandit nursing tank with a bra under. 
Full slimmer coverage in the nursing tank and shorties. The nursing tank can be worn by women not nursing too! 
The corset for even more shape! Get the hourglass look. I  wear this if its a real special night out!
Adjustment hooks on the corset.
Shown is the nursing tank with no bra under for easy access.
Not photo’d in the flat lay but here are my slimming leggings on. I pretty much feel like I lose 10 pounds by wearing these babies!! This photo was when Apple was a couple months old.
Stroller : Orbit Baby
Diaper Bag : OiOi Baby Bags
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Boob maternity and nursing fall ’16 picks…

If you have followed me before blogging days back when I owned retail you would have heard me talk about Boob. It was a brand that I sold in my store’s in Canada that had great success. It fit all sizes of women so well! Most items Boob creates can be worn through pregnancy and then after for breastfeeding. I have picked out some of my favourite pieces from the newest fall collection. The best part of Boob is that you can wear them casual and dress most items up. The access flap also is nice and discreet when on!

Ribbed Knitted Sweater is perfect for fall. I love the chunky knit! I got a small so it has a nice not too tight fit.
Long Sleeve Dotted Top. It has a nice stretch and cute look for everyday basics. I ordered a size down to achieve a fitted look.
The ruched dress in LEO. I am a sucker for leopard! Especially paired with a denim jacket and runners. The ruched sides are perfect for hiding and extra to love areas we may have.
The Simone top in long sleeve. Every year I would sell out of the Simone tops and dresses in my store. I had each colour in my own closet while nursing Kingsley. The stripes are the perfect camouflage to hide the access. I sized down for a slim fit but easily can wear small too.
The classic blush tee. I couldn’t resist adding the blush colour to my wardrobe. It is the perfect shade of pink for fall. Dress up or down these tee’s are great staples. I got XS for a slim fit.
The Uma dress. I am certain this will be my go-to dress this fall and winter. The perfect easy wear and comfort with style! I ordered a small for a regular fit.