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My super organized closet with Modular Closets

Let me start with this.
Kurt and Carmen are walking into this ugly home looking to buy a fixer upper and the minute Kurt walks into the master bedroom and sees the small long closet WITHOUT doors (yes, they removed all doors in the house??) Kurt turns and says “Let’s go! This is not the house for us. We can live without many things but not a closet!”
I knew this home had potential and wasn’t walking away. I also wasn’t minding downsizing some of my clothing and shoes since I still had a few items that made me feel like garbage because over time you gain weight and the ones that didn’t fit gave me bad feelings.

Fast forward to now :

We moved in and I packed all my clothing into the terrible closet space with one long rod and dilapidated shelves that tilted forward so things fell off.

I took the doors off so you can see the mess. I am also using Kaeden’s closet in his room for all my hanging dresses.
Shoe disaster!
It was time to get a great system! After researching I came across Modular Closets.
Modular Closets is great for achieving a customized look and function for a fraction of the price! I worked with them and had send in my dimensions and what I needed for my space. As you can tell I needed some good shoe room! They gave back a design drawing with suggestion for my space and it was perfect!

When the system arrived in many boxes (I should have take a photo) I was like OH MY GOSH! This will be so much work. However, it was one of the easiest assembly and instructions I have dealt with. I was able to build everything quickly on my own and with the help of my 17 year old son we got it installed into he space.

Viola!! My stuff fits! I couldn’t be happier with everything.
Behind that wall is my long dresses and the drawers are perfect for my leggings, tank tops, shorts and socks etc.
If you are like me you can order additional shelves to make sure you have enough for shoes.
Above my dresses is a little shelf I use for my scarves. I did a basket so its easy to get down and pull out items.
The drawer glides are so smooth! They do come with handles however I chose not to use them. I wanted the smooth front look.
If you are looking to tidy up a space and give everything a place I recommend Modular Closets!

Their goal is to provide homeowners with a dream look for affordable prices while using top grade 3/4 inch plywood and materials!

Now off to shop since I think I see a little more space for clothes! 😉

This post with in partnership with Modular Closet. All views and opinions are mine.
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New Home + New Year

I am so excited to have something that I am passionate about to share again! I loved writing blog posts when Apple was a baby about gear and parenting. This last year I had been so focused on building the brand Dringk Eatery + Bar I hadn’t posted much here!
Now to the house stuff! We bought a fixer upper! I can’t wait to share as we upgrade each of the rooms!
I have started by painting the house entirely inside and installed new flooring. It was a dingy grayish white and the previous people removed the flooring. Concrete was not my thing! My initial plan is to upgrade the kitchen first then move on to the living room and master bathroom. Eventually I will be replacing the windows and doors but I need to plant my money tree first!
Here are a few before pics. I am also linking the latest upgrades I am getting asked about that I did in the kitchen. I have changed my mind on the backsplash so that has gone on hold and I am still deciding on the island that I want to put on. At first I wanted to do black but I may now do a solid granite one.
The following posts I will be better at getting proper before pictures. I was a little overwhelmed with Ace our dog dying, Christmas and moving during a very busy week at our biz!
The before wall color. It has low ceilings so I wanted to make it as bright as possible.
We also had the ugliest vent from a swamp cooler that I had removed.
This light is going bye bye!
And so did the concrete floors.
Picking the right flooring is hard! We chose Lifeproof in color “Walton Oak” from Home Depot

Flooring down! It is dark when cloudy and nice and bright on light days. We have many bright days in Palm Springs so it is just perfect!
Apple caught testing paint in the master bedroom.
Wall Color : Semi Gloss Behr PURE WHITE
Ceiling Color : Flat Behr PURE WHITE
Master Bedroom : Behr INK BLACK
Before handles
Quick kitchen upgrade while we wait for tile, appliances, island and more!
Handles Linked HERE
This stove is being replaced along with other appliances.
I will be linking most of my finds and loves on my new Amazon page!
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Apple’s nursery changed to a bright toddler room…

I decided to change Apple’s room into a fun, bright and girly room. She has a big personality for a little girl and this bold change matches that perfectly.
An extra special thanks to Newport Cottages for the most beautiful crib and dresser set! This bright pink was everything we dreamed of.
Flamingo from Target
Bedding from Kip & Co
I made the curtains with linked fabric. (HERE)
Pillow by Kip & Co

I added the “L” to customize the crib for London. (yup, her real name!)

Washable palm rug by Lorena Canals
Washable stripe rug by Lorena Canals

Doll by Cuddle & Kind (buy a doll and they give 10 meals to a child in need)

Change pad by Nook

The details on the Newport Cottages furniture are so perfect!

Nursery chair by Monte Design
Palm print diaper bag by Logan and Lenora

Poof was purchased a couple years ago at a store in Vancouver.
Flamingo print from GILT.
LOVE sign from Homegoods years ago

Clothing rack made by my oldest son.
Canopy was custom dyed and added pompoms by me.

Wallpaper by Coloray Decor.

Green dresser was from a yard sale we painted.

Pillows and blankets made by me.
Knot ball pillow by

Rug from Costco.
Clear book & cart shelf by Babyletto
Flamingo by Dream Gift Shop
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Hallway office in a tiny space….

When you don’t have a lot of space you need to get creative!
I have been working at the kitchen table, in my bed and in the living room! Pretty much losing papers and being disorganized weekly. It was time that I got my own office space but our house is tight on rooms so I needed to get creative! I also did not want to run out and buy everything new or spend a lot of money on setting this up.
After some thought and debate I decided to try and configure my office in the hallway just before you enter the master bedroom. I had this white slim desk in my master as a side table and it tucked in perfectly giving enough room to walk by.
Apple’s is getting a nursery makeover and I had some extra pieces that worked perfect on my desk! Like her lamp and flowers.
This chair is compact and clear so it gives the space an illusion of being roomier than it is.
When you walk into the hall it flows with coordinating colors into our master.
Slim shelves and layers of items give it texture and function.
I think a good space is filled with what you love and has memories or special feelings attached. I loved my wedding bouquet and my office is the perfect place to display it!
These great silhouette pictures are modern and perfect to look like art on the wall.
Finding note books that match your color theme keep it looking clean.
How cute is that wooden camera? I just love fun and neat things like that!
Every MOM BOSS needs this!
Without spending money on art and trying to give it a feminine feel without being too girly the hat racks worked.
Special photos and memories are the best to surround yourself with. They don’t always need to be professional to be perfect to display.
This rack display gives me and excuse to buy a couple more cute hats!
This chair was once silver and a good can of spray paint goes a long way! It gives a spot for my kids to come and sit down while I am working.
Candles are perfect to help make a space warm feeling and smelling wonderful!
Thank you for stopping by and checking out my tiny office! The hallway is 12 feet long and has 2 sections different size. Where my desk is it opens up to 6.5 feet and where my shelf and chalk board are it opens to 5 feet.
Links for products
Chair HERE
Candles HERE
Hat wooden peg rack HERE
Mom boss sign HERE
Lamp not available (was purchased at a small boutique in Palm Springs)
Pillows, rugs and accessories from Homegoods
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The RING video doorbell….

Before I get into the technical talk about how this system works I am going to share a few funny stories to why I need the RING! You all will laugh I am sure.
“Hi, my name is Carmen. I am the biggest chicken poop in the whole world! I produce offspring that are also big chickens.”
Picture this scenario….
Mommy (me) at home alone with her beautiful little newborn baby boy. Her other big boys are on two different levels of the house because her husband bought the big non family friendly home before they met. (he called it Kurt’s party palace) Mommy is happily watching her housewives and nursing her darling King when there is a sound at the front door. Of course it must be the local murderer or Freddy. Freezing in fear without camera systems she doesn’t know whether to run upstairs to save kid A or downstairs for kid B or to jump out her window with baby C! She decides to call her husband to scream at him like a mad woman that he needs to come home from work (drive 2+ hours) that minute to save them all.
There once was a husband and wife who just moved to California. They were both going to sleep. Of course the wife needed to catch up on her Real Housewives before sleep and the husband was annoying enough to snore within seconds of his head hitting the pillow. It was the most peaceful evening with a beautiful new baby sleeping by them in the Dockatot. Then suddenly, there was what sounded like a front  closing door sound! It almost sounded like it clicked shut! Instead of having something to be able to check the front door with (like a video) the wife yelled at the husband to get up and check the front door! The husband was so startled by being woken this way he jumped out of bed and went to run to the door breaking his toe on the wooden bed foot! Both were not happy. The wife couldn’t sleep the rest of the night because the fear of the front door set in for the evening.

I really could go on and on and talk about how many times I couldn’t leave my bed because I thought I heard a knock or sound. We even live in a gated community that is pretty tiny so I feel decently safe but the UPS guy can startle me when I am not expecting a package. And seriously, why does anyone in the neighborhood think its OK to knock on your door! hahaha! Like text me and give me a heads up so I am not jumping out of my shoes!

So basically the moral of the story is.. the unknown is scary as heck!
 Now let me introduce you to RING! A system that connects you to the outside of your home no matter where you may be! It is simple to install and can be connected through your doorbell or just attached to your wall. You download an app to your phone, tablet or PC. With easy to use instructions you can choose to have the sensitivity level higher so you will be notified of strangers approaching or turn those off and have it set for calls at your door only. The system also allows you to talk through your device to the person on the other side of the door.

The built in camera and motion detector give you peace of mind.

Ring even comes with night vision!

The video allows you to check if its Freddy or Betty your neighbor! The two way allows you to talk to the other side without the need to open your door. From telling your USPS person to leave the package at the door or to the little kids next door that it is supper time not play time with your kids.

With so many great features and the easy to use and install system I thought it was great to partner with RING. Apple is ready to greet friends at the door!

Great accessories are available like this solar lit sign for your front yard.
Let people know you can see them!
Lastly, I was shopping recently at Costco and posted on my stories (on Instagram) that I got a RING since I saw them there. It was amazing the response from people! I have never posted a product in all my time that had that many positive comments. And I am not saying this because it is a partnership with the brand. It is seriously the truth. Mom’s were messaging me they love theirs to see packages when they are at work, or for the safety of opening the door or that they can use it for their teens at home to tell them not to open the door or to open the door someone they know. It really was great feedback.
Accessories also include Chime Pro the wifi extender and chime for your home. For the times your phone may not be near to hear.
For more information check out RING
or watch their product video HERE
Just in time for Mother’s Day, Ring is sharing a $25 discount code with me that’s good for the purchase of any Ring device, valid from now until May 14th. If you have a mama in your life, this would make a great gift for her for Mother’s Day! Simply make your purchase through this link or use the code “THANKSMOM” at checkout.
This post was sponsored. All opinions are mine.
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Our family and playroom…

Here is a tour of the kids playroom and family room. It really is just a cozy and fund space! The kids spend a lot of time hanging out in this room as it is off the kitchen. Our main part of the house is so formal so this fun pink and navy space is enjoyable and just happy to hang out in!

Wallpaper is removable by Wallpops (ordered through Amelie & Max)

A re-purposed train table spray painted.

The pink sofa that folds into a sleeper bed.

The kids can enjoy playing with toys and cozy up with homework at the large table.

The large shag carpet by Rugs USA was perfect for wrestling boys and soft enough for baby. They are a great price and ship quickly! I highly recommend them!

King found this chair at Pier One and had to have it as his throne! It is a popular spot the kids fight over.
My favourite cozy knit blanket by Nora Jane Knits adds softness and makes you want to cuddle up with your kids.
A collection of pictures and photo’s make the wall inviting and fun.

The teepee hideway is perfect to watch the iPad or play quietly.

A mix of blocks at the table are always being built and knocked over.

The swing is a popular spot for Apple. She enjoys swinging while we sit near in the Babyletto Tuba chair.

Our Babyletto Tuba is great! It is wide enough for you and your child. We read Kingsley his school books in this chair and even have room if Apple wants to join!

I have a love for Good Night Light lamps. We have the pineapple also and they are so cool lit at night!
One of the most amazing gifts I received from blogging was this painting of me leaving the hospital with Apple. 
Soft and cozy corners that give the kids extra seating. The vintage wall animals are repurposed wallpaper by Inke.
The silhouettes are made by Three Daughters Design Shop . I will show below how she does it! 

Apple spends hours playing at her little kitchen in front of the sunny window. We have a Lorena Canals washable rug in front. It adds softness and I love how great they are for washing in the laundry machine!
The Silhouettes by 3 Daughters Design Shop


 Large Area Rug – Rugs USA
Washable Rug – Lorena Canals
Mini Kitchen – Kidkraft
Teepee – Trademark Innovations 
Baby Activity Play Gym – Finn + Emma
Pink Sofa – Walmart
Tuba Extra Wide Glider – Babyletto
Papason Chair – Pier One
Nook Square Play Mat – Carmen the Modern Mom + Nook
Molded Plastic Chairs RAR – Herman Miller
Good Night Bunny Lamp – Amelie and Max
Pillows and Neon Heart – Target
Baby Bouncer Chair – Baby Bjorn
Sheepskin Rugs – Costco

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Nursery Reveal …

One of my favourite pastimes is redecorating our home. I love an eclectic cozy feel in my rooms, typically showcasing items that caught my eye or feel special to me. I don’t follow the rules in design and this makes my spaces unique. 
When planning Apple’s nursery I knew I wanted white as the main colour and peachy blush was a must. With a newborn in hand, a new family move and a desire to create a whimsical space I worked away the last couple weeks and here is the result. 
Hope you enjoy the space. 
With love, 
                                                  Carmen & London Navy Adelaide

Product details ::
Crib + Dresser by Franklin & Ben
Nursery Glider by Monte Design
Daybed by Ikea
Crib Mattress by Nook Sleep
Large wool throw by Nora Jane Knits
Wood/Bead mobile over crib by Sproutling Co
Goose mobile over dresser by Blabla 
Washable carpet by Lorena Canels Rugs
Paper Flowers by Tania Fisher Design
Hare Wall Bust by Fiona Walker
Bassinet by Baby Bjorn
Down Filled Sleepsack by Kangapouch
Bedding by Restoration Hardware
Love Marquee by J.G. Mercantile
White Ottoman by Cross Design
Hare Wall Print is Custom
Wall Colour Behr Pure White
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My nursery chair pick…

In my house there is was one stand out option for glider nursery chair. 
Monte Design based out of Toronto, Canada.
About ten years ago I came across a new style nursery chair online. I researched the brand only to find out they were fully Canadian. This is very hard to come across in furniture for many reasons, including the important fair wages to the craftsmen. I decided to call them up and see if they would accept me as a retailer. (I believe I was one of the first few they opened.) My customers took a shine to these chairs, and I ended up getting one for my own home too. The quality was brilliant, they looked amazing and my staff loved to sell this brand since they always shipped when they said they were going to. If you have ever ordered from a company or store to be told six to eight weeks and got your product fifteen weeks later, you should understand why we liked timely companies. Monte started out with three chair options and a limited colour range, eventually dropping one of the low back gliders and adding more chairs and other products to their line, also adding more colors and fabrics to choose from. Every time I would see a new chair I would be overjoyed to show my customers, and I always ended up ordering new personal stuff for my home. The boys at Monte teased my addiction to restyling my home and featuring new chairs in new rooms. (At one point my home was like a Monte museum. LOL)  Even though I have a couple chairs that are packed away in storage waiting to ship to our new home this winter, I couldn’t resist ordering the Joya in pebble grey with light wood base. This model is a rocker, not their glider base they are known for. I wanted the small footprint and wood detailing the Joya had to offer for our temporary space.
Monte Facts ::
Designed and made in Canada.
Solid wood frames.
Washable durable fabrics.(I have wiped many little customer footprints off)
Eighteen color options to choose from.
Include lumbar pillow.
No flame retardants.
Foam is low emission (low VOC) contributing to a safe and clean indoor air quality.
Different options to best suit parents home decor and need for comfort.