Cooking with Carmen!

I had taken a break from blogging for sometime after feeling a little uninspired. Throughout this time I continued to share my life on social media and love doing so! Something that always gets people interacting and asking me to post more of is my cooking.
A little background about me and cooking.
When I was 16 I moved out on my own. I knew how to peel potatoes and do some basic prep of vegetables but really was clueless to the actual cooking. I started burning pots and pans like a wild fire and had so little money I was hitting up garage sales for more because I couldn’t afford new at the rate I killed them. It wasn’t until I almost started the kitchen on fire that I learned the low and high wasn’t cooking speed. Since I was always the type of person who felt getting things done quick was good I used max cooking speed aka HOT AS SHIT!
Eventualy, I started to watch cooking shows and my non cable TV. ┬áLet me tell you Canadian cooking shows on free TV were not like they are now! Soooo basic!! I also couldn’t afford most food items they used so I had to learn to improvise. This was the start to my success in the kitchen!
Fast forward to 2017 when I was thrown into a commercial kitchen as part of a job description I did not originally accept but was up for the challenge for! Now today I create food items for a restaurant menu and cocktails for a bar.
So here is the start of my new look on Carmen the Modern Mom… I will be helping you cook with ease! I try and eat sugar free as much as possible ( and this doesn’t mean diet sugar that is a NO! in my cooking!) and use what is in season. I also try and make meals without breaking the bank yet they taste like you went the extra mile for guests! So I hope y’all enjoy!
PS. It sure is a change when I now have to write measurements down for these recipes! I am totally a fly by the seat of my pants cook!

Hope you all enjoy!

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